Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre-Drywall Walk-Thru

Today was our pre-drywall walk-thru, as I'm sure you've gathered by the title of the post. It was amazing to see what our house has become! Our PM took us through each room, pointing out important elements, answering our plethora of questions and laughing as our one year old squealed throughout the process. He did a great job explaining everything and offering his insight to answer our questions. On our standing Friday phone call (tomorrow) he will be giving me the date that he predicts the house will be ready! We're looking at late August. Update: Our final walk thru is now set for August 8th! As a teacher, it'd be much appreciated to have time in the house before the start of the school year!

At this point the next walk through will be at the final inspection. I have been told that I may walk through the house whenever I'd like, which I intend to take full advantage of!

I took a ton of pictures of the inner workings of the house; these are a few of the more interesting ones. If there are any questions I can answer or pictures you'd like to see, please let me know!

From the outside:

This is a closer look at the window above the awning that I love:

This was my one year old at the end of the meeting, barely holding it together:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tress versus Truss

My darling father pointed out that I made an error in word choice. He took great pride in pointing this out to me, as well as rubbing it in repeatedly since I am a grammar fanatic and English teacher. Rather than type "truss" I typed "tress". For my more visual readers...

My house with trusses:

My house with tresses:

Lesson learned: No trusting spell check without paying closer attention.

Here are a few more pictures of the house as of Wednesday, June 20th.

Friday, June 15, 2012

What a difference a day (or two) makes!

These pictures should speak for themselves...

As of Wednesday (no change from the previous week):

As of Thursday afternoon:

As of Friday afternoon:

After speaking with the PM, I was informed that they will be finishing up the framing around Tuesday, getting the trusses in and having the plumber and electrician do a walk through towards the end of the week! The build has really come along. We were also able to walk through a Ravenna that has the bonus room completely framed out but pre drywall. It was great being able to see the actual floor plan as we will have it. Now it's just waiting until we get to do our pre dry wall walk through at the end of the month. Until then, I'm just collecting decorating ideas and inspiration in hopes of having an idea of what we're going to do with the house.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weeks 1 through 3

We are in our third week of the building of our Ravenna! The foot is in, concrete is poured and a lot of dirt has been moved to various locations. This week they are supposed to be starting the framing, but it looks like Mother Nature will have a say in that. Seeing as it's been raining all day today (the day it was supposed to start) I would imagine there will be a slight delay. Other than, everything has been running smoothly. Our project manager has been diligent about calling each Friday with the updates, which I find to be quite fulfilling in terms of keeping us in the loop.

Week 1: 
The foot looks small. I've seen a Ravenna, as the model in our community is one, and I know it's not small, but it's amazing how it looks in that form.

This is a picture of the foot, basically an outline of the house. 
I guess this doesn't look small, but it did in person!

Week 2:
The concrete is poured and more dirt is moved. I'm a little nervous about the size of the garage. It definitely cannot be described as spacious! It is supposed to fit two cars, which I think it can, there just may not be much extra space for other items.

The garage is the slab of concrete pictured here...definitely not excessive in size.

These two pictures are from the rear of the house from the farthest point of the backyard. 

Week 3: 
I will update pictures from week three as soon as I have taken them!