Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Weeks

Two weeks from yesterday we will have possession of the keys to our house! Not to mention cable, internet and a home phone. Two weeks from today we will have our belongings. Two weeks from tomorrow we hope to have unpacked a lot of those belongings...I think you get the point.

We are one week away from doing the final inspection. At this point all of the major construction has been completed, including a mailbox. Now, those of you from areas that still have mailboxes everywhere feel free to scoff, but in Maryland finding a mailbox that isn't a set of small metal boxes that are in a central location is a rarity. Here is ours!

Beautiful, isn't she? I've named her Martha.

The front porch has been completed as well. Here is the completed front of our house, sans landscaping.

One of the nicer features of the front is the recessed light in the awning. No front porch light fixture to battle with when the bulb needs to be changed!

The items that are left to do this week are the landscaping and touch-ups inside. There are still small items that need attention, but we are thrilled with how it all looks. I don't plan on visiting the house again until the final inspection, so I will update with more pictures after that!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hardwoods, and tile, and asphalt...oh my!

The house is really coming along! We now have the hardwood floors on the main level, the bathrooms have been tiled and we have a driveway and sidewalk.

It's really starting to come along! Although, the white accent piece at the top has yet to be straightened. They've also done a lot of the grading in the back of the house, getting ready for the landscaping.

This is the awesome kitchen and my darling daughter racing through it.

Tiling for the guest bathroom. 

Tiling for the master bathroom

Friday, July 20, 2012

2 steps forward, 1 step back

As the house progresses, the margin for error grows. Our PM has been great about us walking through the house whenever we please, but it seems that each time we notice new issues. I thought I'd compile the ones we've come across, in case new homeowners want to look for the same!

#1: Accent Piece

The white piece at the top is crooked. It's slight, but apparent. Fix: The PM brought the siding guy over to straighten it. This has not happened as of Sunday, hopefully it will happen soon!

#2: Squeak/Odd sound when walking in the kitchen. Fix: A pipe below the floor was rubbing against its strap. The PM brought a plumber in to make the necessary adjustment.

#3: Chair rail
The two lengths of chair rail were not properly aligned. The PM made the same observation and is having it fixed. Fix: It has been properly adjusted and just needs a fresh coat of paint.

#4: Master Bath
Because it's on the edge, we are hoping it will be covered with tile. The PM is aware of it and I guess we'll wait and see! Fix: The tile covered the crack and it looks amazing!

#5: Cabinets
A couple of the cabinet doors are not level.

Other than these, the house looks amazing! They've painted the walls and trim, which look really great. (There is no way I could have done that well!!) The final inspection is still set for the 8th, and I'm hoping we iron out all the issues before then. Tile and flooring started going in today. I plan on visiting the house this weekend and will update with more pictures then!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cue Dry Wall!

The house has walls, siding and one month until the final walk-thru! My mom, Rena and I went to check out the progress. Here are a few pictures of our findings.

Front and back of the house: I am really pleased with the siding and shutter colors! The door will be a dark brown, similar to the shutters.

Main Level: This is one of my favorite parts of the house. I am standing in what will be the kitchen, looking into the living room/family room/room with the TV. Perfect space for the little one to run around like a maniac with minimal damage to both herself and the inanimate objects around her. To the left is the morning room.

Top Floor: A picture of Rena and I in what is likely to become her room! She just needs to decide if she'd prefer a bigger room or better view.

Hanging out in the master. I'm glad we had the extra windows put in! I love the natural light and the breeze.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the progress and timeline! Our PM says they will be putting in the cabinets and plumbing pieces next week, as well as doing the first round of painting. I will go take more pictures later next week to update!