Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Tomorrow it all begins. After months of meetings, contingent contracts, selling our previous house and "flipping" to non-contingent we are finally having our pre-construction meeting! My husband, who will henceforth be referred to as "CD", and I will be meeting with the powers that be at Ryan to do whatever it is you do at a pre-construction meeting.

At this point in the process have made all of the option selections, met with the electricity guru, selected flooring and have our build start date (May 23, 2012!). Everything has gone smoothly, but in retrospect I have one major piece of advice for future home builders: Take your time on picking your options, they will "lock you in" to those choices after 14 days, even if you haven't met with the other contractors (e.g. flooring).

The issue we ran into was we chose the cabinets we liked, then weeks later at our flooring meeting realized that none of the tile options worked. They had a sample of a cabinet finish that coordinated really nicely, but that switch had to be done with Ryan. After a couple weeks of waiting to see if the change would be approved, I finally got the answer I was looking for, but not after a few threats on our sales guy's life... This is not one of Ryan's more efficient processes, to say the least.

Other than that minor trauma, everything has gone smoothly thus far. I am looking forward to tomorrow and getting started with what will be our home!

As this is my first post, I intend on updating this regularly with pictures, rants, raves and any of those "I wish I would've known" moments. If you have any questions, comments or advice, I'm happy to hear!