Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Weeks

Two weeks from yesterday we will have possession of the keys to our house! Not to mention cable, internet and a home phone. Two weeks from today we will have our belongings. Two weeks from tomorrow we hope to have unpacked a lot of those belongings...I think you get the point.

We are one week away from doing the final inspection. At this point all of the major construction has been completed, including a mailbox. Now, those of you from areas that still have mailboxes everywhere feel free to scoff, but in Maryland finding a mailbox that isn't a set of small metal boxes that are in a central location is a rarity. Here is ours!

Beautiful, isn't she? I've named her Martha.

The front porch has been completed as well. Here is the completed front of our house, sans landscaping.

One of the nicer features of the front is the recessed light in the awning. No front porch light fixture to battle with when the bulb needs to be changed!

The items that are left to do this week are the landscaping and touch-ups inside. There are still small items that need attention, but we are thrilled with how it all looks. I don't plan on visiting the house again until the final inspection, so I will update with more pictures after that!


  1. I understand your mailbox comment completely. Until I moved to Richmond, I'd never even seen a street mailbox. I'm from a suburb of DC where those lucky mailmen get to WALK their routes!

  2. Hi Emily, I just found your blog and congratulations on your beautiful new home that you will be moving into very very soon!! I absolutely love Martha, too. We will not be getting the individual mailboxes! I wish!! They said we had to many homes in our community for the mail man to walk too! We are building our "forever home" the ROME! They just added the Ravenna to our community.

    Please feel free to follow our journey at ricknadase.blogspot.com and click the join this site button and i would love to continue following your journey.

    BTW--I love the exterior colors.